Lavish Day & Night

Lavish Day & Night

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Get rid of smelly and sweaty hair while revitalizing your skin in less than a minute! Simply apply a few spritzes of Lavish to a brush or your hand and brush your hair for a mesmerizing aroma that lasts for hours.

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What is Fresh Start:

Say goodbye to dousing your hair in dry shampoo every morning. Fresh Start eliminates frizz and color fading while refreshing your hair and skin with a delicate, floral aroma.

Fresh Start is made without alcohol and formulated with Jasmin, an Aphrodisiac, that is sure to spark a romantic connection.


What is Evening Essence:

Light up the room with this glamorous scent. Evening Essence is a seductive, exotic fragrance that keeps your hair and skin sexy and shining all day.

Evening Essence is formulated with Sugar Cane, which gives your hair the nutrients it needs to be healthy and full of life.


Key Benefits:

- Extend your Blowout All Day Long

- Creates Shine Immediately

- Humidity and Frizz Protection

- Refreshes Hair

- Keeps your Skin Healthy and Hydrated

- Doesn't dry out your hair with prolonged spraying

- Non-Alcohol Based so your hair and skin don’t dry out


Which hair type is it good for?

✔ Straight

✔ Wavy

✔ Curly

✔ Coiled

✔ Tightly Coiled

✔ Wigs and Weaves